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He’s handsome, charming, and rich, ladies! He’s Mr. Leather Toronto 2007, Steve Martin (no, not the comedian). The bad news is that he’s not single – in fact, he’s married to MLT First Runner-Up, Peter Rex. A leather power couple! Call them Mr. and Mrs. MLT.

“I honestly thought Peter would be the winner,” said Martin over brunch at Hair of the Dog. “I guess the judges saw in him what I see in him,” explained Rex, romantically. Wearing Boss tuxedoes, they were married on May 20th in a ceremony officiated by Rev. Brent Hawkes, two years to the day after they met.

“I didn’t mind who won,” said Martin. “We just wanted to do it together.” By day, Martin, 45, owns and operates Corporate Specialty Services, a commercial cleaning company he started 12 years ago that now has over 40 employees. He was born in a small town in New Brunswick to a French Catholic family of 11. He went to the University of Western Ontario to study law but eventually dropped out. “I probably do better than most lawyers,” he told me.

Rex, 43, is an accountant and a model and a slave. You can see a lot more of him in the Tom Bianchi DVD On the Couch: Toronto. Born in St. John’s and raised in Nova Scotia, he ran as Mr. Steamworks and I, for one, look forward to seeing him in their print ads. Martin and Rex say they are fairly monogamous, which I assume means they at least have to agree on the third.

As MLT winners, they have a busy year ahead. They’ve already chosen their charity – the PWA Foundation – because “there is still such a strong need for it.” Since Martin ran as Mr. Churchmouse & Firkin, he will likely raise money through leather brunches at the establishment he loves. “We go to the Firkin a lot,” he said. “They actually listen to you. A simple thing like asking for brown rice, and they said, ‘No, we don’t have it but if you like it, we’ll bring it in for you and guess what – they’ve been serving it ever since.”

One of the most exciting things about winning anything is the prize, and both men came away with an armful of gift certificates, including a one-year premium membership at Steamworks, valued at $1,000.00 (huh?). Although past winners have used some of their gifts as raffle prizes, Martin said they are going to keep all of them because re-gifting “would be an insult to the sponsors.”

Martin’s not the most controversial MLT winner. The furthest he ventures into argument is to say, “I’m not crazy about Equal. It’s not sweet enough. I like Splenda or Sweet & Low.” He uses moisturizer and it must work because he has no eye bags whatsoever. Both men credit their good bodies to “a whole lot of intelligent training and a whole lot of intelligent dieting.” Aside from their health regime, they do enjoy the leather lifestyle. Martin’s favourite toy is the paddle and Rex’s fave is a set of leather handcuffs: “They’re amazing. They don’t pinch and they don’t bruise.”

Then they took me to see their place. My jaw dropped at the splendor of their threefloor Radio City penthouse suite, with its breathtaking view, fabulous furniture, more bathrooms than Woody’s, and even a hot tub on the deck. “I wouldn’t say we’re rich. We’re doing well,” understated Martin. The only bad thing about the condo is that Martin had to give away two parrots that he had for over 18 years because they screeched, causing the neighbours to complain.

I understand. I screeched when I saw the place, too. Polly want a leatherman.

paul bellini

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