letters - issue 418



Long live Lady X
A beautiful soul left us this week, and it should be duly noted. Toronto’s celebrated performance artist Todd Wonder X was truly a spirit that was full of light. He loved music and dancing, and it shone brightly through him as he took to the stage as his alter ego, diva Lady X. His fans loved the commitment he made to his performances. I was fortunate enough to meet him when I came to perform “Drop a House” in 2005 at Toronto Pride. Todd was lovely from the moment we met, so generous of spirit and full of love and hope. He really wanted to show his humanity and share his energy in the face of this diffi cult world. Todd was a superstar in his own right, and those who knew him really loved him and were touched by his charm, drive and passion to be a positive infl uence. Life is not easy, people, and I say for Todd now: please live your life as best you can and spread good energy far and wide. It does make a huge difference, just as Todd did. We love you Todd, we honour you, and we miss you. Thank you for being one of the good ones. Shine on us now and forever.

— Heather Leigh West

Terms of endearment
I wonder why we don’t have a term for the two people in a same-sex marriage? Not too many years ago, the term “Ms” was coined as the abbreviation for an unmarried woman or a woman who did not want her marital status known.

I feel uncomfortable calling my partner “husband” since we are both husbands in our relationship. I don’t feel that “partner” explains the level of our union. “Partner” can be a business partner or a relationship that does not include marriage.

Maybe we should make up our own title. Does anyone have any ideas?

— Dave Wickett

Bitter, table for one In
“Table for Two?” you use the phrase “the social skills gays are renowned for.” I would enjoy hearing you elaborate on this assertion. What would these presumably universal skills be? And who believes it?

— Vito Cupoli

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