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Youthful hard-ons
“Shame and sexuality can be so entwined for so many queers and lots of other folks, too. Hopefully my show will kick shame in the balls,” says Olive-or-Oliver, one of the participants in this year’s Young Creators’ Unit at Buddies in Bad Times. Each year the theatre’s mentorship program provides an opportunity for the next generation of queer artists to express themselves at the Rhubarb Festival. Four provocative pieces have been created: Andrew Robinson tackles childhood turmoil (“The protagonist chooses a very queer way of expressing his longing for ‘how life used to be’ by how he carries out his anger onto one of his parents”); Meg Gennings says her piece has broad appeal (“Any audience member can relate to the idea of wanting romance so badly that you’re willing to believe your own twisted fantasy rather than what actually happens in reality”); Evan Vipond, whose piece concerns trans bodies, lauds Buddies as a great place to create (“Sometimes it’s hard to feel like the community really exists or that there is a place you can, and do, belong.”) What can Rhubarb audiences expect? Olive-or-Oliver promises, “Deep self-love and a raging hard-on.” – Michael Lyons

Young Creators’ Unit performances take place Sat, Feb 19 at 6pm; Sun, Feb 20 at 2:30pm; Sat, Feb 26 at 6pm; and Sun, Feb 27 at 2:30pm at Buddies, 12 Alexander St. Info: buddiesinbadtimes.com

Family Day sexathon
Fusing the gay dance club/circuit opulence that Prism is known for with strip-joint exhibitionism is sure to result in sweaty shirt removal and wet spots on jeans. Flash is a venue where gyrating boys going full frontal on the main-floor stage or the brass pole upstairs is common, so why not add a full-on hardcore sex show? Prism Festival Toronto promises uncensored man-on-man action with sizzling hot boys at Release: An X-Rated Dance Party. DJs Dwayne Minard (right) and Jamal hit the decks, the main attractions hit the sheets and co-host Sofonda handles the microphone in her patented lewd style. “The venue is superb and also provides an environment where a live sex show will be a big hit,” says Gairy Brown, Prism’s executive director. Brown was hush-hush on exact details about the stage performance, but it had better be raunchy — the regular Flash performers are taking the day off. –Eduardo Sabate

Prism Release: An X-Rated Dance Party gets dirty Sun, Feb 20 at 10pm at Flash, 463 Church St. Info: flashonchurch.com

Back in black
Mayor Rob Ford’s gravy-stained axe has yet to fall on community funding, but many groups are chronically underfinanced to begin with. Not coincidentally, some of those groups are celebrating Black History Month. Celebrating with fundraisers. The Black CAP Benefit Show raises funds for the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention; Liberation raises cash for Blockorama 2011. Blazing nights in a cold winter, but which is fiercer?


Jade Elektra is not only a vision and a beatmeister, but a tireless community fundraiser
Craig Dominic and Nik Red are two members of the collective who put the beats in Blockorama
All three are sexy, talented and not afraid to dig in and do what needs to be done
Ryan G Hinds, Ill Na Na, Bunni Lapin, Lady G and many more
DJ Twysted, Ayo Lelani, House of Pink Lady and many more
There aren’t any actors of colour nominated for Oscars this year, but all of these deserve awards
Elektra was surprised to learn that Black CAP does very little fundraising. That oversight is now remedied.
As well as saluting black queer history, Liberation raises money for Blockorama 2011 – just in case they need another moving van.
Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.

The benefits are on different nights and both have early starts — why miss either? Philanthropy is fierce on every level. – Drew Rowsome

The Black CAP Benefit Show is 7–9pm on Sat, Feb 19 at Crews & Tangos, 508 Church St. Info: crewsandtangos.com. Liberation is 9:30pm on Fri, Feb 25 at Goodhandy’s, 120 Church St. Info: goodhandys.com.

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