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fab guy - issue 418


Name: Aeryn Pfaff
Age: 20
Sign: Taurus

‘I grew up in Mississauga and moved here in September of 2009,” says young, energetic Aeryn. “I live at Jarvis and Carlton, and I love living near the Village because it’s an amazing safe space for people like me. And then there’s all the amazing people I know that live and frequent the area.”

Aeryn loves music, and you can find a mix of tech house, minimal techno, indie pop, ’80s synth pop, alternative hip hop and ’90s hip hop on his iPod. “My favourite artists right now are MIA and Ellie Goulding, but Karin Dreijer from The Knife is my favourite singer. I also really love Nicki Minaj,” he adds.

Aeryn likes his men sensible but rough around the edges. “I’m looking for someone who is smart and mature,” he says. “Someone creative and nurturing, but a guy with a beard, a hairy chest and a couple tattoos doesn’t hurt, either.” Despite his love for crazy fashion and his wild hair, Aeryn insists that most people have the wrong idea about him. “I’m not a stuck-up bitch — I’m actually a huge nerd. I love nerdy stuff,” he says. He also loves being a part of the crew that throws the Sodom parties, and you can catch him on Sat, Feb 19 at Goodhandy’s, at the Vampire Love Ball edition. He just might invite you to sink your teeth into his flesh.

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