deep dish - issue 418


• Life is a celebration. The lineup to get into fly’s 12th Anniversary Party stretches long. A 12th anniversary calls for silk, jade, linen or peonies, but there is none of that tonight. Instead men, most in denim jeans with oversized metal belt buckles and cotton T-shirts, smelling like flowery cologne, descend on the legendary club. The decorations are understated, but new flat-screen TVs above the dancefloor and beefy go-go men dressed as boxers provide eye candy. Micky Friedmann (the Ryan Reynolds of DJs) takes over for Shawn Riker (who helped create the club). “Being a ballet dancer for over 20 years made my body very athletic,” Friedmann says of his amazing frame. Though his number-one track is his own remix of “Always There for You” (Roni & Giese, featuring Kelly Hilton, Sorry Shoes records), it is his unrelenting set, which includes mixes of Musical Youths’ “Pass the Dutchie” and Blondie’s “Heart of Glass,” that wins over the crowd.

• Life is about connecting. Twinks, jocks, bears and glamour boys all vie for spots on Wrongbar’s dancefloor for their monthly dose of Big Primpin’s hip hop, R&B, dancehall and pop. DJs Craig Dominic, Rory Them Finest and Minuh Care are somehow able to do their thing amidst the craziness of the packed stage for their Black to the Future party. Fritz Helder, Cedric, Porcelaine Desire and others rush the front as local hiphop duo Roney & Nani command the crowd. My new favourite is “Roney’s Revenge,” with the lyrics “Haters get off my dick. Got more flavours than a Tootsie Roll stick,” a spinoff of the Nicki Minaj/Eminem track “Roman’s Revenge.” “I love Lil’ Kim, but Nicki Minaj is a breath of fresh air,” Roney says of the ongoing feud between Nicki and Kim. “I think they just need to come together.”

• Life is about support. MotionBall: Decadence, a gala fundraiser held at the opulent Carlu is filled with men in dark business suits and women in bright satin dresses. All rooms are in use for this important event, which has raised more than $2 million over 10 years for Special Olympics Canada. Among those bidding in the silent auction, sampling desserts, viewing artwork and enjoying the open bar are ET’s Matte Babel, former NHL star Eric Lindros, crooner Matt Dusk, Canadian Idol winner Ryan Malcolm and tennis star Daniel Nestor. MTV’s Nicole Holness (in some fierce pumps) and MuchMusic’s Liz Trinnear act as unconventional Joan Rivers-esque hosts in the Concert Hall. Hip-hoppish six-member dance troupe ABS Crew gives an impressive performance before the much-anticipated Calvin Klein underwear show. Most are reserved in their ogling of the firm bodies working the runway, but the skimpy briefsclad male models have many lips licking.

• Life is about survival. The Barn’s weekly Wednesday College Night is an event that has survived many ups and downs. The last time I reported on this youth-inspired night, it was facing stiff competition from Elevate (now closed) and Goodhandy’s, which sought to lure the younglings away with the promise of something new. Holding its own, The Barn took the slow and steady route and won the race. Tonight, DJs Sumation and Jamal provide the beats for the Get Your Heart On pre-Valentine’s event, but the energy on the dancefloor seems off. The news of the recent (less than 24 hours before the night starts) death of Todd Long, a regular here, seems to have taken the life out of the party. Long often performed to Janet Jackson songs at events under the name Lady X. In his own words, Long was “a fun guy who is young at heart. I try to let all the arts encompass my life. I’m a performer, hairstylist, event coordinator, fashion designer, dancer and, last but not least, a friend.” Life is precious; never forget that.

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