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Cum to the cabaret old chums
In 1992, while roaming Amsterdam’s red light district, I happened upon a sex cabaret. Most of the acts were silly, like a guy in a gorilla suit chasing a naked girl with a plastic banana, but then a man and a woman came out and fucked in about five different positions. The whole thing ended with him pretending to blow a load on the audience. I got a lot of mileage out of that story. Bear in mind that in 1992 you couldn’t even rent a gay porn video in Ontario.

Golly, how things have changed. A few months ago there was an actual public porn shoot at Goodhandy’s. When it was over, everyone clapped and went home. Is Toronto the new Amsterdam?

“It feels therapeutic,” says 26-year-old porn star Johnny Maverick about having sex in front of an audience. “I enjoy it as long as other people are comfortable with it. I wouldn’t want to do it in front of a bunch of grandmothers.” [Well, no, not unless they were really horny.]

Maverick used to work at an advertising firm, but his new career pays much better. He lives in Milton and spends his free time relaxing on his boat. He is currently dating a very openminded woman who has watched him at work, and he is preparing to go to Czechoslovakia to work with a major porn producer. In the meantime, you can drool over him in such DVDs as Going Gay for Pay and Gang Bang Cum Eaters 2, or watch him in several hot scenes at

As for the live shoots, Maverick is gearing up for appearances at both Spa XS (June 24) and Goodhandy’s (June 25). “We saw an opportunity when the indecency laws were changed,” says Todd Klink who runs Goodhandy’s. He is referring to a court ruling in which indecency has to be proven to inflict harm on the viewer. To this end, Goodhandy’s posts signs and employs a doorman to make sure those proverbial grannies don’t wander in looking for a cup of tea. The bar is owned by Mayhem North, a company that produces gay video content for internet sites like, and Goodhandy’s is where they create most of their art. At first Klink shot his models in an enclosed studio and broadcast the feed live on screens throughout the club. But once the models found their comfort level things started happening onstage.

“I enjoy creating a party, but it’s not for everybody,” says Klink of performance sex. [That’s what I’m calling it, and I’m trying to coin a phrase, so please feel free to use it in your cocktail chatter.] “Some people just come to see The Mandy Goodhandy Show,” he says of the popular cabaret act performed by his colleague. “There was a whole bunch of people with their backs to the stage during a sex scene. When I asked them why they said, ‘Oh, we’ve seen it all before.’” Gay men can be maddeningly blasé about stuff that makes the rest of the world spin.

No one knows this better than Andre Tardif, aka Pornducer, who shoots content for Though most of his work is done on a closed set, he has shot scenes in bathhouses as well. “One customer joined in and even signed a model release form, whereas another complained to management that we were preventing him from using the shower,” he says, illustrating the opposite poles of gay behaviour.

All this live sex is delightful to a cochon like me, but both Tardif and Klink agree that “porn in Canada is still a niche market.” Just like regular movies and TV, 90 per cent of the product we watch comes from the US. It’s a pity, really, when we have such talented studs as Johnny Maverick on the job. In the future, when it comes to porn, show your national pride. Buy Canadian.

paul bellini

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